Functional Assessment Of Biomechanics System (F.A.B.™)

The FAB System (Functional Assessment of Biomechanics ™) developed by BIOSYN SYSTEMS INC. is the world’s first full body wireless motion capture system based on “camera free” inertial sensor technology. This innovative technology allows completely free movement without the need to stay in view of cameras.

FAB is a completely portable system and can be packed up and transported in a standard size briefcase. FAB only requires a data logger or laptop, and up to 17 small sensors which are attached to user selectable body segments. These sensors can be attached under or above clothing.

FAB features a static and dynamic calibration routine. This guarantees quick and easy setup and use, even for the novice, and guarantees constant accuracy without drift over long periods of recording. The system is ready to start within 5 minutes and recording time can be up to 8 hour to 10 hours.

Data can be recorded in real time with direct connection to your laptop or recorded using a handheld Data Logger for post recording data analysis and animation. This makes FAB the most portable motion capture system available.

FAB is used in many industries including sports medicine, clinical and industrial applications. It has been used for athletic training, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, ergonomic studies, industrial design, and the entertainment industry.

The system can be used in almost any environment, both indoors and outdoors. FAB has been successfully used during skiing and snowboarding events, cycling, driving, in-field testing, and many other locations where other motion capture devices could not go.

How It Works

F.A.B.s internal sensor technology combines accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers to allow real time detection of any angular displacement within biomechanical bodies. Powerful user-friendly software calculates this sensor data and displays kinematic and kinetic data in real-time. This includes real-time animated body motion and selectable graphical models.

Video can be recorded with FAB data and played back in sync with any animated or graphical models. All FAB data can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

Click Here to view an introduction video to F.A.B. software.
Click Here to view a demonstration video of the F.A.B. set-up and calibration.

F.A.B. Supplemental Information

Please see our PDF downloads for technical specifications and additional information on F.A.B. Hardware and software.

F.A.B. in Sports Science

F.A.B. in Sports Science. This document is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

F.A.B. in Clinical Applications

F.A.B. in Functional Capacity Testing

Early in the rehabilitation process and prior to returning to work, an assessment of the worker’s capacity to resume working should be completed. This assessment will not only determine the ability to resume working, but also how treatment and return to work should be structured. Critical to the objective documentation and measurement of capacity includes:

1. The quantity of movement obtained;

2. The quality of movement patterns;

3. The speed of movement (velocity and acceleration); and

4. The biomechanical forces that can be maintained.

It is also essential that during the assessment, treatment, and return to work process, the objective measurement of effort and consistency of effort be documented. Biosyn Systems has designed a system that allows for completely objective data that cannot to be tampered with and accurately calculates kinematic and biomechanical capacity.

F.A.B. in Industrial Applications

F.A.B. in Industrial Applications. This document is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

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