The Man Behind Biosyn Systems

Russell James McNeil - A graduate from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta in 1989. Over 15 years of experience as an owner and manager of multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics in Ontario and British Columbia. Inventor of the FAB™ cameraless motion capture system and Founder, President, and CEO of Biosyn Systems Inc.

Our Mission Statement

Biosyn Systems is dedicated to creating the worlds most advanced and reliable system of cameraless motion capture for practical applications in daily life. It is our intention to continually strive to advance the frontiers of rehabilitation and biomedical research.

The Engineering Department

Our professionals engineers form a significant portion of Biosyn's ongoing success. We have a dedicated team of engineers that have remained with Biosyn since the conception of the technology and through all of the developments to date. Our team of engineers provides specialized services and hardware design, radio communications, firmware, and software.

Mr. Alex Jiang - software engineering
Mr. Michele Lee - hardware engineering
Mr. William Hue - radio communications
Dr. Peter Rizun - mathematics and firmware
Dr. Nicholas van Stralen - radio communications

What We Have Been Doing

Biosyn Systems has been in operations since April 2004, and our first commercially available system was introduced in 2007. During our development stage, considerable resources were put into engineering research and significant hurdles and challenges had to be overcome. During Development, care was taken to document the accuracy of our hardware compared to known gold standards such as a camera based systems. To a large extent, our testing was completed at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.

Since conception in 2004, our hardware and software has undergone several modifications for applications in medical and rehabilitation markets, and recent changes have laid the ground work for expansion into sports sciences and medicine. Our hardware is currently Trademarked and Patent Pending in the USA and Canada. All Biosyn hardware is certified with FCC, FDA, Industry Canada, and CSA and CE International approvals.

In 2007 Biosyn introduced the Functional Assessment of Biomechanics, F.A.B.™, and started to focus on the rehabilitation and research applications of our hardware in North America. During this time, a distribution relationship was established with Noraxon USA ( To this date, Noraxon USA has lead distribution across North America and Europe. In Addition to Noraxon, F.A.B.™ is distributed in Spain by FlowLab (

Biosyn owns and operates Grindhaus Motion Capture based out of Las Vegas Nevada, providing motion capture service to the Video Gaming, Animation, and Entertainment Industries. Grindhaus works with Base Productions inc., who has featured F.A.B. technology on FOX TV and ESPN, and on TV show including Sports Science and National Geographic’s Fight Science as well as on the Discovery Channel.

Today, Biosyn is the manufacturer of all F.A.B.™ hardware, and perform all post assembly testing and calibration in-house. Our manufacturing and calibration procedures are a specialized process unique to Biosyn and ensure the quality and accuracy of our hardware. Our hardware and software is currently used in rehabilitation clinics and across North America and Europe, including Purdue University, Wayne State University, Florida State University VA Hospital, and Nova South Eastern University.

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